How Well Do You Know Your Homeowners Policy? Ask Us


Are you adequately covered with your PROPERTY Coverage?

Do you know how much your home is worth?
Are your outbuildings covered or not?
Do you have coverage for your jewelry and guns?

Are you adequately covered with your LIABILITY Coverage?

Will your home business cause a problem with your insurance if someone gets hurt?
Will your college-bound children be covered by your liability limit while they are away at school?
Will the tree in your back yard fall on your neighbors house? Do you need to be covered?

Are you adequately covered with your WATER Coverage?

If the weather drops 10" of rain in one weekend and you and your neighbor's yard are under water, are you covered if it enters your home?
If the toilets backs up in the upstairs bathroom and floods the downstairs, do you have coverage for that?
If the pool in the backyard collapses and your basement now has 4" of water in it, are you covered?